A Member Communications Tool that Supports your Discipleship Methodology.

Engagement software for church marketers, created by church marketers.


Revolutionize your Church Communications Approach.

Software that uniquely combines your church’s discipleship program with an incredibly powerful messaging platform.


Gain a whole new level of insight into your member base.


Intelligently match them to their appropriate Next Step.


Deliver messaging that is unique, personal, and relevant to them.


Measure and review your progress throughout the process.

"Now that we have a primary communication channel specifically for our members, we've been able to consolidate our efforts and leverage email, website, and social platforms as prospect tools."
Julie George
Julie George
Digital Marketing Strategist, Rock City Church

Discover where your members are in their journey to inform them on Next Step engagement opportunities.

Leverage your own 1st party data to develop more meaningful connections with your members, no matter which ChMS you use. We’re compatible with Church Community Builder, Planning CenterMinistry PlatformRock RMS, and other platforms.

Build advanced audiences, using a host of demographic, spiritual, and custom attributes.

Easily create the perfect audience for every initiative, campaign, or event. Creatively filter and segment data points in seconds to build messaging campaigns that dynamically update based on your members’ activity.

Create personalized messages for the masses with ease.

Customized, relevant and automated content for your members has never been this easy or intuitive. Our messaging platform is designed specifically with church Mar/Comm professionals in mind.

"The StudioC is like the Facebook ad platform for your church."
David Sunnock
Marketing Director, Victory Life Church

Analyze and measure your engagement and Next Steps campaigns.

See how goal setting and utilizing our Next Steps framework can help you evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns. Connect Tableau, Power BI or Domo for even more advanced analytics and reporting. 

We make it easy! We're compatible with all of your current platforms, including Subsplash, Pushpay, WordPress, Church Community Builder, Planning Center, and Rock RMS, to name a few.


Key Product Features & Benefits:

  • Create advanced demographic, next steps and activity-based audiences
  • Create an army of data hygienists, by allowing your members enrich and edit their own profiles.
  • ChMS compatibility: Church Community Builder, Planning Center, Rock RMS, Ministry Platform, and more
  • Mobile platform compatibility: Subsplash, Pushpay, Aware 3, Tithely, and more
  • Omni-channel messaging with curated royalty free image library, video streaming, polls and surveys, and animated GIFs
  • In-depth analytics and reporting on the messages you create and your member's engagement level
  • Mailchimp integration

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