Email Features & Pricing

An email platform designed to optimize your member engagement strategy.

Email Pricing & Subscription
StudioC + Ministry Brands Partnership

Integrated Email

Our Member Dashboard + Email gives you two incredible communication channels in a single platform. Experience the speed and convenience of leveraging one list and one powerful segmentation engine for both channels.

  • Unlimited Sends
  • Unlimited Audiences
  • Unlimited Users
  • Drag & Drop Editor
  • No Plans, Credits, or Tokens
  • Ministry Themed Templates
  • Advanced Segmentation
  • Reporting & Analytics


Monthly pricing estimation is based on Average Weekend Attendance:

Texting Platform for Churches - Affordable Pricing & Features

Texting service only available within the MES platform. Discover the power and convenience of having email, text and in-app messaging integrated into ONE communication platform. 

Email Features

  • Unlimited Email Sends

Worry free email. The last thing we want you to do is sweat over your send count each month. Our email platform comes with unlimited sends to your opted-in subscribers. Along with zero stress, there are zero hidden email limits or fees.

  • Unlimited Audiences

Targeted and relevant audience segmentation is at the very heart of our Member Engagement Solution and approach. You should not be punished for creating as many segments and audiences as you need to communicate effectively.

  • Unlimited Users

We do not limit the number of team members or volunteers that can access your account. Great help is hard to find, so don’t worry, we won’t ding you for it.

  • No Plans, Credits, or Tokens

Email uncomplicated. Our approach has, and always will be, to take industry best practices and product offerings and make them simple and easy to use for churches. Our email platform is easy and straightforward; choose your contact/pricing tier and start sending unlimited email.

  • Advanced Audience Segmentation

Our email platform leverages the same advanced segmentation engine that powers our Member Engagement Solution, allowing you to target your members with ease; using an endless amount of user interaction and dynamic, member activity-driven filters.

  • Drag and Drop Email Editor

Designed and developed by seasoned marketers, we’ve taken years of experience in using every kind of email builder imaginable and applied it to our extremely intuitive, drag-and-drop, editor. The result? Create styled, professional, marketplace-level emails with ease.

  • Reporting & Analytics

Track performance and optimize campaigns against your other channels with straightforward, easy to understand data and reports.

  • Ministry Themed Template Gallery

You can easily build emails from scratch in our platform, but you probably won’t need to. We’ve done the work for you! Choose from a gallery of templates of varying styles and structures that are tailored to various aspects of church.

  • Comprehensive Email Scheduling

Fine tune recurring sends, or schedule campaigns weeks or months in advance, to ensure your members receive the right message at the right time.

  • Setup & Onboarding Support

High-touch customer support guaranteed. We’ll help you migrate your list(s) from whatever platform or ChMS you’re currently using for email. We’ll ensure you are fully trained, plus introduce new communication strategies to effectively use a multi-channel approach via one powerful tool.

  • Omni Channel Messaging

Our extremely intuitive editor makes creating and coordinating professional emails simple for marketers of all skill levels, conveniently enabling an omni channel strategy. 

  • Automated Journeys (Coming)

Harness all three primary messaging channels in one platform and use them in harmony to create automated user workflows and journeys. Send relevant messaging based on how your members interact (or don’t) with each channel. The added bonus is reducing overall effort and number of messages you’re sending, all while increasing effectiveness.

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