Know your people. Grow your church.

We combine strategy, technology, and communications to maximize church member engagement.


Tools & Strategy for Discipleship.

Based on proven results, we provide a strategic roadmap for executive leadership to successfully lay the groundwork for growth and tools for your communication team that give a totally new and dynamic way to communicate to members.

The StudioC Church Personalized Dashboard
The StudioC Church Personalized Dashboard

Transform your current church mobile app into a personalized dashboard for your members.

Create targeted messaging to inform, engage, inspire, and motivate your members. Our messaging platform makes it unbelievably easy.

“Data has made us more personal. In our context, the more we know about someone, the better we can pastor them, love them, and lead them.”
Katie Fisher
Executive Director, Rock City Church

Churches that are engaging their members differently:

Home (2023)
Home (2023)


Providing tools that help you put action to the commission.

We help you engage each of your members in their unique engagement life-cycle. From the first time they hear about your church, to the moment they decide to invite a friend, it’s about their Next Steps, and how prepared you are to meet them where they are.

How We Help

SMEs + Services + Software

Our team of Subject Matter Experts is comprised of Executive Pastors, Church Marketing Leaders and Marketplace Professionals who have years of experience being in your seat. Combining that with our software and services, we deliver a fully integrated digital marketing approach that results in a seamless experience across mobile, web and email and throughout your member’s lifecycle.

Knowing where your members are in their journey allows you to engage with them meaningfully.


Executive Pastors who seek to create:
  • Strategic church growth while maintaining personal connections  
  • Methodologies to reach people where they are
  • Digital church marketing strategies while maintaining the deeper vision, relationships and philosophy of the church

Church Marketing Leaders who seek to:

  • Create a comprehensive approach to attract new members
  • Streamline the marketing and communications process
  • Optimize and streamline tools and resources to make marketing efforts more effective


Ready to Get Started?

See our Member Engagement Software in action, or learn more about our methodology and approach.

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