How a Targeted Messaging Platform Can Help Grow Your Church

The Fields Are Indeed White

No matter how you define it, a recession has crept into the economy. Church ministry teams must use more effective and efficient strategies to cultivate and disciple new people and grow their members’ faith into a deeper relationship with God and each other. Using a targeted messaging platform can help your church do just that — identify and meet the needs of each attendee — all at a cost your congregation can afford.

However, communication tools for churches are most often disparate and independent of each other. To really connect your congregation without a lot of manual work requires a sophisticated blend of message auto-identification and auto-distribution on all the channels your church communicates on. This type of integration and ability is almost impossible to find in the church world. For the few options that do exist, it requires custom development and specifically skilled developers; either in-house or outsourced, if you can find them. All of which comes with a hefty price tag and on-going maintenance costs.

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