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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the questions we've answered during past events.

We welcome Executive Pastors and Church Marketing Teams to join us at these complimentary sessions. Our goal is to provide a place for conversation and masterminding around the prevalent topic of church member engagement and church growth strategies. Bring your questions and ideas to the conversation!

The StudioC has developed a platform and partnership that helps churches everywhere build meaningful relationships through thoughtful messaging and communication techniques.

Great question! Simply put: because 2020 was a wakeup call for churches all around the world. If you didn’t have a meaningful online church engagement strategy in play, you likely lost connection with many in your congregation. A new Gallup poll shows that under half (47%) of U.S. adults are currently part of a church congregation.


Our team has been focused on Church Member Engagement for over five years. Many of us met while in the trenches of pioneering this philosophy in a top 3 mega church. So, while it’s becoming a trending topic now…we’ve been developing an approach for years.

It all boils down to a fun and (potentially) terrifying word: “optimization.” Optimization can help you successfully get messages of God’s love to more people in a personal way so they can feel acknowledged and supported through the good times and the bad.

Even though the word can sound robotic and woefully complex, in reality – it’s pretty straightforward.

Optimizing your communication and messaging with a church engagement strategy is simply using the practical application of fundamental habits that are used successfully by professionals and businesses to interact with their clients and customers every day. 

With a little organization, the right tools and some practical guidance, you can use those fundamentals to optimize the data and communications your church puts online in no time.

And once you do, effectively communicating heartfelt welcomes and critical details to help new visitors discover your church can become a much simpler, consistent task. 

But most importantly, optimization can help you successfully get messages of God’s love to more people in a personal way so they can feel acknowledged and supported through the good times and the bad.

The sweet spot for efficient yet personal connection digitally is found in balancing the management of AI with tech savvy, empathetic human beings. 

AI is efficient, end of story. But without that ‘human touch’ even kids can tell when they’re engaging with a bot vs. a real person.

Like most things, finding the sweet spot involves finding the balance. And that means creating personal, people focused content and delivering it according to the digital framework of communication that the majority of the world has now adopted. 

While that used to be the popular approach in how to engage millennials in church, it has now become the leading strategy for how to engage church visitors for all walks of life. 

People are again engaging with the world beyond their front door, but digital communication will continue to be at the forefront of connection. Building out both the efficient delivery systems with technology and the real life, empathetic team of content creators is going to shape the future of church engagement strategy. 

Let’s face it – we live in the digital age – tech has obviously outpaced typewriters when it comes to message delivery. But that doesn’t mean we leave compassion up to the algorithms.

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