Engage and Encourage your Members with Relevant and Personalized Content.

Engagement software for church marketers, created by church marketers.

Gain insight into your church member base to create personalized engagement opportunities.

See how utilizing data can develop meaningful connections between your church and its members.

Knowing where your members are in their journey allows you to invite them to engage with the opportunities that are most relevant to them.

- Attends regularly
- Baptised on July 24, 2017
- Serves in childcare
- Husband also attends regularly
- Might be ready to join a small group
- Could be interested in upcoming marriage seminar

Our custom audience feature allows you to send targeted messaging to specific groups of people.

See how our Audience Builder turns your existing 1st party data into easily segmented groups.

Create impactful messages with our Just For You Messaging Platform that combines customized imagery and text that speaks personally to your audiences.

Learn how to design custom communications in minutes.

Our Member Dashboard allows you to engage directly and personally with your church members on any website or mobile platform.

See how we combine our personalized messaging features and interactive Next Steps tracker into the most powerful member engagement tool available today.

Our Analytics Dashboard allows you to track and measure engagement campaigns.

See how goal setting and utilizing our Next Steps framework can help you evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Key Product Features:

Data Warehouse

We created a home for all of the information from your 1st party ChMS and 3rd party sources. This data warehouse organizes complicated details into usable audience segments.

Engagement Insights

Our software solution tracks your church members' activities so you can easily see their status in the engagement lifecycle.

Campaign Management

This powerhouse tool will let you create and combine audience segments, share church wide updates and create, schedule and send personalized messages - all in one place!

Member Dashboard

The Member Dashboard gives your church members a place to connect with their individual Next Step journey and opportunities. It displays their interactive Next Steps badge bar, Group Connections, and other personalized content making it easier for them to engage with your church.

Personalized Content

Our "Just For You" messaging platform makes it easy for you to create, customize and deliver messages to your members - eliminating the ineffective approach of a one-size-fits-all blast communication.


With a comprehensive view of results so you can monitor goals, campaigns and overall church growth. This information empowers you to make informed decisions for and adjustments to your church growth and engagement strategies.

Our solution software integrates with any ChMS, Mobile App, or Website Platform.

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