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3 newly released features that are about to make your day

How it started… and how it’s going

If you are responsible for communicating with church members, then it’s altogether possible that the process has given you the urge to turn your morning cup of Joe into a triple shot latte to help you power through it.

We can relate – not just because we love coffee –  but also because we are a team of executive pastors, church communication leaders and professional marketing specialists – just like you.

And after some strong lattes, a lot of strategic meetings & 5+ years experience  leading successful communications at a mega church, we developed programs and tools to help church leaders everywhere with strategic marketing, church growth and personalized messaging.

The StudioC went live in 2020 showcasing a fleet of software and services that included a Digital Studio that helped Executive Pastors and Church Communication Professionals grow church attendance, personalize their messaging and improve church member engagement.  We have the privilege to work with a bunch of churches who are already doing great things and our team gets to come alongside with the tool belt that we’ve been perfecting over the last several years.

I really feel like God gave me 30 years of marketplace best practices. I just get to come alongside churches who have 30 years of ministry best practices, and to merge those together, it’s just exciting.

– Blue Van Dyke

If you’ve already gotten acquainted with The StudioC, we’re excited to share with you some new additions to what our cutting edge church member engagement tool offers.

Church Engagement - Audience Builder

Starting strong

Just in case you’re brand new here, let’s run thru a quick recap on the cutting edge tools that brought us out of the gate.

We’ve already told you a little bit of who we are and if you can identify with being the ‘go to person’ for information or communication at your church, then you’ve probably been faced with many of the same challenges we experienced…the primary being complexity. Complexity in teams. Complexity in processes. And complexity in tools.

We believe that there’s this life cycle that people are on. And we believe that the best way to grow is to engage them more  and know how are we doing at it. Are we being effective at actually engaging our members and turning them? And the truth is we do believe that there’s a life cycle but I identified a giant hole. And that hole was we had no idea where people were on that cycle. We had no idea what was the next step they could take on that cycle. And we had no means to really talk to them uniquely and specifically to them about what they could do next.

– Blue Van Dyke

And those are the exact things we sought to help with when we created The Studio C’s suite of church member engagement tools.

The core features our program and software include:

  • A full service design studio
  • Campaign Management
  • Personalized Content
  • Member Dashboard
  • Engagement Insights
  • Reporting
  • Data Warehouse

… to name a few.

New feature #1 is picture perfect

Most of us already know that a quick screen grab of google images isn’t just icky looking, it’s also illegal. And like the morally unblemished people we are none of us have ever done that… right?

If you have successfully resisted the temptation and looked into legally acquired royalty free images you know that, like a lot of things in life, you usually get what you pay for. Meaning, the good looking photos usually come with a high price tag to legally use.

What can be even more annoying is how long the process usually is to even include graphics in your messaging.

That’s why we are SO excited to share with you that The StudioC has added Royalty Free images to our creative studio! What that means for you: you’ll have turn key access to high quality, legally licensed images already set up to quickly and easily create beautiful content that connects personally with your church members.

Finding the right audience, all the way down to an Audience of One!

Audience segmentation is something marketing professionals use constantly, but can often be completely overlooked in a church marketing strategy plan.

In practice, audience segmentation is the process of identifying and grouping contacts based on certain definable aspects of their profile.

The process can sound really complex, but with organized and user-friendly software tools (nudge, nudge) it couldn’t be simpler!

Through the process of identifying and sorting, church marketing professionals are able to personalize the delivery of each piece of content in a way that is far more meaningful and appreciated by the recipient. And by isolating the reader groups, this practice ensures that the right messaging goes to the right person each time.

And if your church members consistently receive messaging that’s important to them, they’ll quickly recognize that the content you send is worth reading.

The StudioC’s new ‘Audience Builder’ allows you to narrow your contact list down by easily selecting key characteristics of their profile. From there, you can name, save and send that specific group messaging that they would uniquely appreciate and understand. This powerful tool lets you get the right message to the right person or group of people no matter how big or small that group might be – even all the way down to a singular ‘audience of one!’

Setting date ranges for goals #ScienceHack

As executive pastors and church marketing professionals, we know there’s never just one goal. At a church, each team, age group, season or service might have a unique goal or series of goals – and that’s a lot to keep up with!

Now that The StudioC has added date ranges to Goal Tracking, keeping tabs on how every department, program or group goal is performing is easier than ever.

The good news doesn’t end there – Mark Murphy, the CEO of Leadership IQ ran a study on goal setting where he explains that people who vividly describe their goals are anywhere from 1.2 to 1.4 times more likely to successfully accomplish them. Neuroscientists have even been able to trace the biological coding of writing down your goals into the hippocampus.

That means, by taking the time to be intentionally specific about things and writing down your goals you’re actually more likely to see them come to fruition! #science.

Adding dates to your goals in The StudioC’s Member Engagement Software (MES) won’t just help you identify and outline those specific details. It also means that you’ll be able to set up each goal, it’s dates and specifics in one organized place keeping everyone on your team on the same page and moving together- yay, team!

Learn more by reaching out to us!


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