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Marketing & Communications Strategies Built on Church Member Engagement.


Your Communications Partner

As business partners and solution specialists, we help churches develop and implement impactful growth strategies and marketing practices that engage their community and grow the church.


Services with Engagement as the Playbook

With our Member Engagement Software as a foundation, we provide a deeper understanding of your members, refine your technology stack, and deliver personalized messaging. Our team of experts bring a wealth of experience to all of our services that help you achieve your business objectives and grow your church.
  • Marketing, Strategy & Consulting
  • Member Life-Cycle Methodology
  • Next Steps Rollout Plan
  • Engagement Tools Audit & Recommendations
  • Mobile & Web Integrations & Development
  • Data Hygiene Enrichment & Enhancement
  • Communications Strategy
  • Campaign Development
  • Analytics & Insights

From helping you manage your data, to handling all of your communications, we tailor our services based on your needs.

Marketing Assessment and Strategy

A good strategy is essential for effective marketing and communications.

Our partnership helps you streamline:

  • Guided discussions on your current growth strategy
  • The goals and tactics of of your existing digital media strategies
  • What to focus on next with your member engagement
  • Budget allocation and team structure recommendations

Member Engagement Services

Accelerates church growth by utilizing the “Next Steps” approach.
With the ability to segment your member base into unique groups, our software allows you digitally walk beside and encourage your church members through each “Next Step” in their faith. Church leadership can evaluate the effectiveness of their messaging and consistently improve the quality of their campaigns within their Church Dashboard.

Campaign Management

Once you set up your Next Steps discipleship journey, our team of creatives can develop and execute pre-identified strategic messages on your behalf. These professional campaigns integrate with your mobile app, website and email to easily deliver messaging through the channels you already have in place. From start to finish, you’ll have the access to our team of industry professionals for content creation, delivery and reporting insights.

Customized Technology Services

Our software combines your data, marketing and reporting features into one dynamic tool, saving you time and energy.

Application Development
Our team of talented developers can merge your church’s existing technology suite to deliver a seamless experience to your members. From optimizing landing pages to building custom digital solutions, we can manage all of your development and integration needs.

Enterprise Reporting
Our software has a robust reporting engine that can provide valuable insights on the effectiveness of your campaigns. We can even integrate wit several enterprise reporting tools like Tableau, Power BI & Domo for advanced reporting.

Prospect Marketing Services

Using Facebook, Instagram and Google Display, we offer additional marketing campaign services designed to increase traffic to your website and campus locations. Our professional team can create and program eye catching outreach from your church on the most popular social channels.

Data Support Services

Data Strategy
Your data is a strategic asset, but without a clear understanding of how to use it, you won’t be able to take full advantage of it. We  help you develop a strategy that connects and unifies your data, allowing you to make better decisions based on analysis rather than intuition.

Data Hygiene
When migrating data, it’s best that it is clean first. This means de-duping records, merging contacts, and enriching incomplete data fields. We help by setting the platform up to deliver more effective messaging from day one.

Data Enrichment
We can help your data do more by enriching your existing member profiles with insights into online behavior, social interactions, personality and faith propensity data.

Levels of Engagement:


For churches that choose to only use our member engagement software.

Product PLUS

For churches that would like to use our member engagement software and have an internal marketing team, but are looking to enhance it with our member engagement strategy and execution services.

Full Engagement Services

For churches that would like our member engagement software, but are either just getting started with digital marketing, or do not have an internal team, and are looking to have us take on the majority of their digital member engagement strategy, creative, technical, and execution services.

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The biggest differentiator between churches that are stagnant and churches that are growing is how engaged their members are.

Don Wilson

Founding Pastor, Christ's Church of the Valley

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