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Marketing & Communications Strategies Built on Church Member Engagement.


Your Communications Partner.

As business partners and solution specialists, we help churches develop and implement impactful growth strategies and marketing practices that engage their community and grow the church.


Member Engagement Services

Our Software and Services are broken into segments which allow you the flexibility to simply enhance your existing capabilities or to completely outsource your digital marketing needs. Our team of experts bring decades of marketplace and church communications expertise to the table to help you master the challenge of effective member engagement.

  • Member Life-Cycle Methodology
  • Next Steps Development
  • Key Metric Strategy
  • Organizational Capabilities
  • Tool & Tech Stack Assessment
  • Integration and API Development
  • Application Development
  • Enterprise Reporting
  • Data Strategy
  • Data Hygiene & Enrichment
  • Data Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics & Insights
  • Church MarComm Strategy
  • Communication Best Practices
  • User Journey Development
  • Campaign Coaching
  • Reporting & Measurement
  • Process Improvement

From assisting you with your data, to helping you implement your member engagement program church wide, we tailor our services based on your needs. ​


Everything you need to implement your member engagement program.

From the very first strategy meeting, to rolling it out to your congregation, we tailor our Program Implementation Services to the uniqueness of your church. We walk through every detail of the program and its execution with your team via up to four in-person, or virtual workshops:


  • Methodology Alignment
  • Strategic Alignment
  • Team Capabilities
  • Next Steps Definition
  • Key Success Metrics
  • Tool Analysis
  • Team & Process Analysis
  • Data Assessment 


  • Team Alignment
  • Initiative Branding
  • Program Team
  • Alignment Plan
  • Timelines
  • Next Steps Scorecard
  • Staff Level of Effort
  • Data Hygiene Strategies


  • Successful Adoption
  • Scorecards & Metrics
  • Mobile App Traffic & Adoption
  • Next Steps Adoption
  • Ongoing Software Training
  • Data Enrichment


  • Sustained Success
  • Coach Strategy
  • Annual Planning
  • Campaign Evaluation
  • Data Visualization Assessment
  • Predictive Modeling

Member Engagement Strategy Workshop

Taking time to articulate your strategy pays dividends in the long run. A StudioC strategy workshop on member engagement provides direction and focus by identifying priorities and giving clarity.

Standard Pricing (S1+Strategy)

Consultation and Strategy​​

A good strategy is essential for effective marketing and communications.

Our partnership helps you streamline:

  • Guided discussions on your current growth strategy
  • The goals and tactics of your existing digital media strategies
  • What to focus on next with your member engagement
  • Budget allocation and team structure recommendations

Technology Services

Tool Assessment
From your ChMS to your Website and Mobile app, we can help you assess, select and implement the right technology to help you achieve your business goals.

Website Development
We help you optimize each of the tools engaged throughout your user journey experience to deliver a seamless, integrated approach. From landing pages, to custom solution builds, we can manage all of your development and integration needs.

Marketing and Communication are an outgrowth of evangelism. Improving church communication is a powerful way to put the great commission to action.
Center for Church Communication
Church Marketing Report

Data Support Services

Data Strategy
We help you develop a strategy that connects and unifies your data, allowing you to make better decisions based on analysis rather than intuition.

Data Hygiene
We understand how important of an asset your data is. We help you develop a strategy that connects and unifies your data, so you can make better decisions, based on analysis rather than intuition. 

Enterprise Reporting
Along with our robust reporting engine that provides insights on the effectiveness of your Next Steps campaigns, we also integrate with several enterprise reporting tools such as: Tableau, Power BI & Domo.

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