Church Marketing Shouldn’t Have to be Miserable

How to Win with Every Ministry & Reach Every Goal

It’s the first Monday of the month, and you’re looking at the pipeline of upcoming sermon series, ministry events, campus openings, and outreach activities. You barely take a sip of coffee, and before you can open your browser, you get a slack, ping, or notification from one of the campus leads telling you why he needs promotion this week on social media—or maybe it’s airtime on the Sunday announcements or placement in the weekly newsletter. Before you can hit reply, the Youth Director swings by your desk to tell you that summer camp registrations are low and how can we encourage parents to enroll their kids.

Oh, did you hear the women’s conference just dropped a new merch line? The struggle is real.

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We help you get the right information to the right person 100% of the time so you can win with ministry.

You know a winning marketing strategy dials in your audiences, speaks their languages, invests in their daily rhythms and routines (in fact, the first result from a Google search for great marketing is “know your audience!” thanks, Forbes); you know that if you try and say everything to everyone you say nothing to anyone.

But what if it is a YES-AND situation? What if you could wisely say yes to each department’s initiative and intelligently segment, increase engagement, and attendance while helping each ministry win, scale, and grow Sunday service? The Worship Director may want to hug you. It’s okay, you can still blame Covid.

At StudioC, we understand your tension because we are you. We’re a team of savvy marketing experts who understand church communications and saw an opportunity to make it better. That’s why we developed a tool that uses your existing discipleship strategy, your current church app, and your existing ChMS to deliver timely, relevant, and targeted communication to the people of your church every day of the week.



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Our team has decades of experience in both the church and corporate world. We understand the power of marketing to inforvm and influence people to connect more deeply to their church community. Our tool helps your organization grow by engaging each person with customized, relevant content that moves them closer to God, each other, and the church’s mission.

After all, it’s all about relationships.

Church Marketing Shouldn’t Have to be Miserable

Even though there are many shiny objects, new marketing channels, and ever-changing tactics and algorithms, the most innovative organizations in the nation never lose the focus of the WHO.

Now you can stay ahead of the game, keep things simple and make sure that your marketing efforts align with each ministry’s goals without holding a loudspeaker to everyone’s ear.

What kind of experience would you want to have?

Church Marketing Shouldn’t Have to be Miserable

“The bigger your church gets, the more targeted your messaging needs to be. And that’s the challenge we’ve experienced in the last couple of years, because we now have 10,000 people to communicate to”

Julie George
Digital Marketing Strategist, Rock City Church

We’ll bottom line it for you. StudioC developed a tool that connects your discipleship model with the most effective way to exponentially grow your church.

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