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What Is an Omnichannel Church? No doubt your church marketing and communications teams use a variety of channels to communicate with members and prospects alike. But do you have the capability to direct only relevant messages to the right people? That’s an omnichannel approach to church marketing. This marketing strategy allows you to zero in on your target market more accurately, providing them with relevant information without bombarding them with irrelevant messages. Let’s look at the advantages that an omnichannel marketing strategy can bring to your church, as well as the disadvantages of the status quo.

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A simple example of how the greatest church member engagement movement of all time began, and how you can do The Great Commission in our digital age. After His resurrection, Jesus tasked his disciples to go out into the world and tell others the Good News. (Matthew 18:16-20). Yet a few doubts remained among the faithful. Thomas, whose name lives on in infamy among the “doubting Thomases” of the world, was one of those who wouldn’t believe unless he had hands-on proof. Jesus gave him that proof, allowing Thomas to thrust his hands into his side where the spear once pierced Him.

It’s no secret that the Bible commands church leaders (and members) to encourage one another on their discipleship journey. (I Thessalonians 5:11) But how do you encourage your church members to strive for mastery over their fleshly desires without turning discipleship into a competition?

How to Achieve Successful Church Engagement in the Digital Age If you’re like most senior pastors, the problem of how to grow

No matter how you define it, a recession has crept into the economy. Church ministry teams must use more effective and efficient

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