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The #1 Tool for Growing is Knowing

Deepen the connection between your church’s people and your church’s goals. If you read any church blog, you will hear many experts, consultants, and thought leaders share their spiel about which methodology makes for proven growth and engagement. Some may tell you it is email marketing, while others say, “No, it’s social!” and a third …

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Consider the value of insight as a mechanism for spiritual development and personal connection As a company that creates digital tools for

How to Win with Every Ministry & Reach Every Goal It’s the first Monday of the month… and you’re looking at the

3 newly released features that are about to make your day How it started… and how it’s going If you are responsible

“What’s so special about summer anyway?” … said no one, ever. IT’S HERE!! It’s time for resting, vacationing, suntans and (if you’re

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