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Deepen the connection between your church’s people and your church’s goals. If you read any church blog, you will hear many experts, consultants, and thought leaders share their spiel about which methodology makes for proven growth and engagement. Some may tell you it is email marketing, while others say, “No, it’s social!” and a third say it is all about local outreach for global reach. Ready for the most concrete answer ever? It depends.

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Attendance vs Engagement — The New Metric!

Attendance vs Engagement — The New Metric!

Is ramping up your church attendance still your top priority? Take a second to look at what Jesus says about the importance of a believer’s engagement with the Word, and you might adopt a different perspective on which metrics your church prioritizes.
Remember the parable of the sower? Jesus once spoke about a farmer who sowed seeds in various locations around his farm. Only the seeds that “fell on good soil…produced a crop – a hundred, sixty, or thirty times what was sown.”

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