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A powerful partnership to help churches maximize their potential.

Tithely Strategic Partnership

Introducing The Member Engagement Solution

Revolutionize your church communications with a full suite of features and tools designed to grow your church.

  • Glean tangible and actionable insights for your member base
  • Intelligently match members to their appropriate Next Step
  • Deliver in-app messaging that is unique, personal and relevant to each member
  • Measure and review your progress

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MES (Software) Pricing

Monthly subscription is based on Average Weekly Attendance.

Setup & monthly subscription are based on Average Weekly Attendance.

(Pricing shown with 5% discount)

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  • Proprietary In-App Member Dashboard
    • In-App Message Delivery
    • Advanced Message Builder 
    • Polls and Surveys
    • Streaming Video
    • Automated Message Delivery (Custom & Recurring Scheduling)
    • Extensive Gallery of Curated Messages
  • Integrates with all Major Church Mobile Apps
  • Integrates with all Major Church Management Systems
  • Next Steps Badging
    • Based on your Discipleship Journey
  • Advanced Audience Segmentation
  • Dedicated Data Warehouse
    • Full API Access
  • Email Platform (Add-on Available)
    • Unlimited Sends
    • Powerful Drag and Drop Editor
    • High-Quality Template Gallery
  • SMS Platform (Add-on Available)
    • Unlimited Sends
    • Unlimited Keywords
    • Free 2-Way SMS
  • Detailed User Interaction Analytics & Reporting
  • Software Configuration & Training
  • Dedicated Engagement Specialist


Mon, Oct 3rd
10:00am PST

Tue, Oct 18th
11:00am PST

Mon, Oct 24th
10:00am PST

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We work with churches of all sizes. 


We encourage a member engagement methodology for all churches, period. The strategy goes way beyond our tool and should be applied at every size of church. Of course, in-person connection is always desired, and should be part of everyone’s strategy, at some level. If you are a church with under 200 people, you are probably still able to have a face-to-face or phone conversation to meet most ministry needs. As you grow, our member engagement solution allows you to continue communicating on a personalized level, at scale. 


However, regardless of size, the reality of our digital world means you should plan to use a combination of methods that enable you to send the right message to the right person, in the right way. 

We can integrate with any mobile app; template based, semi-custom or custom. The member’s experience will depend on the style, design modification and API availability, but we can provide a “Member Dashboard” accessibility via any mobile app. 


Don’t have an app or looking to change? We are happy to discuss options and features, to help determine what approach is the best fit for your needs and budget. We are an objective voice that keeps your needs and desires as priority.

We work well all ChMSs; integration with all church management systems is a priority of our solution development. We have already mapped and developed APIs with the major church management systems. If we have not yet mapped to the system you are using, it will add some time to the onboarding process, but is still available. Standard API mapping is included in our onboarding fee, additional fees may apply to custom integration requests.

No. Our MES was intentionally developed to be agnostic, not requiring any specific Church Management System but agile enough to integrate with any of them. You know your church best and what the needs of staff and members are. Use the system that works well for you and we will meet you where you are. If you are looking to change your ChMS or are looking for other features or functionality, we are happy to discuss the options and give you the pros and cons of changing. Often, our MES fills the gap and amps up the use of your current ChMS; saving you the cost and pains of deploying a new system. 

No. We do not have our own mobile app. However, we have a lot of experience with many mobile apps. If you are in the market for a mobile app or considering a change, we are happy to discuss the options and determine what mobile app may be the best fit for your needs and budget. We are an objective voice that keeps your needs and desires as priority. From general advice to a discovery engagement that outlines technical architecture and recommendations, we can help educate and ease the decision making process.

Yes. StudioC offers messaging services to manage the member engagement solution on your behalf. Service retainers reflect the size of church and level of effort involved to meet your needs. 

Typically, onboarding takes approximately 55 days. 


The actual timeframe depends on our current onboarding waitlist, ChMS integration, mobile app integration, next step badge logic confirmations, and data mapping configurations. At that point, onboarding is complete and the solution is available to roll out and launch per your schedule. 

The software is user-friendly and simple to use. We recommend at least one part-time person be dedicated to managing the messaging, per the church’s communications calendar and needs. Ideally, there is a full-time Mar/Comm person that becomes your expert in managing the omni-channel communications for your church. The objective of the member engagement journey is to shepherd people on their discipleship path, seamlessly guiding and responding to  ministry needs with processes that are digital and in person. If you do not currently have staff or a volunteer to manage the MES, we can provide those services for an additional monthly retainer.

Yes. Fully integrated Email and/or SMS platform options are available in our solution. Additional monthly cost per platform applies, based on size.

We understand the value of omnichannel options to deliver the right message to the right person, at the right time. We recommend your website be prospect centric, focusing on new visitors. While your mobile app is the center of member communications; their ‘church in their pocket’. From there, use email, SMS and personal connections to complete the member engagement as best fits a member’s preferences.

Our member engagement solution is a messaging platform that allows you to segment dynamic audiences* and deliver personalized communications to your church members, at scale. Whether you have 50 members or over 50,000, the system delivers designated messages based on where the member is at in relation to the “next steps” of a discipleship path you have defined, or as you segment activities. You can set parameters once, and the platform manages the delivery of messaging as members are dynamically added or removed from a particular audience. The solution does the heavy lifting to increase efficiency and effectiveness of communications, while you gain insights for ministry, members feel known, your church grows and the kingdom expands. Simple, but impactful. 

*Dynamic audience: Audience based on a set of rules that you have determined. They automatically update themselves to include or not include members based on their activity and engagement with your church, and whether they fall into one of the audiences you have set.

Our solution was built by church professionals for church professionals, based on proven results. Our messaging platform builds dynamic audiences from a variety of data sources and sends out messages via various mediums (mobile app, sms, email). Our custom built data warehouse normalizes your data and allows segmentation and reporting that is ideal for churches. We give you all the capabilities of a CDP (customer data platform), without the unnecessary “retail” features.

Subscriptions have a tiered-based pricing, based on church size. 

*One time Setup fee includes data warehouse, data mapping, logic building, personalization of next steps icon & naming convention. Invoiced at signing/start of contract, due upon receipt.

**Monthly subscription begins 30 days following the signing/start of contract.   

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