Blue Van Dyke

Business Leader, Executive Pastor, Entrepreneur & The StudioC Founder

Blue Blends An Uncommon Mix Of International Business Experience, Digital Marketing Expertise, Venture Capital Success, And Executive Pastoral Leadership. This Dynamic Combination Of Tenure Is Exactly What Gives Blue Such A Powerful And Articulate Position On Church Growth Strategies.

Brief Background

Blue Van Dyke is originally from Flagstaff, Arizona and currently resides in Peoria, Arizona with his wife Crystal, family and their mountain dog, Leonidas (Leo). With tenure as an Executive Pastor, International Marketplace Executive and Venture Capitalist, Blue Van Dyke brings a uniquely powerful POV to ministry.

Knowledge & Experience

Blue’s multi-decade career as a global businessman has cultivated the launch of businesses and projects both domestic and abroad. He is best known for partnering with organizations to grow the value of their business through the implementation of technology-enabled solutions. The philosophy of Member Engagement was first introduced to him during his tenure at Mercedes and has become a cornerstone principle of the growth strategies he implements. Anyone who has had the opportunity to work or collaborate with Blue recognizes him as a strategic business leader with a philosophy of doing things with optimum results and business value.

Commitment & Values

He builds confidence in those around him as an enterprising business innovator who is goal driven, knowledgeable, and focused on what is possible while remaining dedicated to creating concepts and ideas that deliver valuable results. As an integral player for Proxicom’s survival through the dot-com burst, Blue was tasked with increasing revenue and profitability, streamlining operations and strategically repositioning Proxicom in preparation for sale. Remarkably, he helped successfully grow Proxicom to a $60MM business in 2007 and led the sale of Proxicom to the Goldman Sachs backed digital marketing firm iCrossing.

Christian Leadership

As one of the Executive Pastors of a mega church in Peoria, AZ, he helped them grow from 4 locations to 10; a remarkable achievement that he credits to God’s provision, terrific teaching & worship and a unified strategy centered on honoring an individual’s journey of faith.

Answering A Call

In 2020 he founded StudioC, a full service agency that blends the power of digital transformation with the philosophy of church member engagement. StudioC team has been in your shoes and serves church leaders around the United States to bring clarity and alignment to the process of member engagement using a solution that personalizes next step messaging. This team has a passion for the local church and wants to help the church grow; thus Studio ‘C’.

Adventure Awaits

When he is not traveling around meeting with churches you will likely find him in one of three places:.

  1. Enjoying solitude in the mountains
  2. On a family adventure with his beautiful wife Crystal and their four adult children
  3. Playing a round on the golf course
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